Friday, March 29, 2013

Graduation on Good Friday for some special kids

At the center where I work, the children leave our program at age 3. We like to make a big deal of this occasion because they are moving on to the next chapter of their young lives. Plus, I think the parents need it as well since they have worked hard coming and participating. The children who are graduating get dressed in a cap and gown. The music therapist puts on the popular graduation song and they walk in with their parent while all of the other children and parents are there "ohing" and "aweing". It's a little sad for us because we have built relationships with the families and have loved these little ones the short time that have been with us. Have I cried before? YES! Imagine knowing a story of triumph, of defeat, of fight, of war, of victory, THEN BAM, they move on! It's a little harsh, but 9 years of working for this company I have learned that I can still keep in touch. My first client is turning 11 years old and I still visit their home and catch up with the family. Not too long ago I visited an old client of mine who is now 5, almost 6. He opened the door and stared at me as if he saw a ghost. I said hello, and if he remembered me. He responded, "Yes...Where are your toys?" I laughed!!!! It's such a blessing to work in early intervention. One of the families who graduated today gave all of the therapists beautiful flowers. I have many perks ;)