Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tecate trip. 12-21-13

Today we went to Tecate once again to serve those who are in need. It was a great trip!!!! We drove to the elderly hospice first. We only go there about 3-4 times a year because it's a good 40-50 minute drive after crossing the boarder and we have to go off roading for another 10-15 minutes. I just have to say that it was worth it! I love being there with the elderly men and just talk to them. These men have no families and they were abandoned and left to die in the streets. We got there and said our hellos then we sang some Christmas songs. I have to say, that my best part is always seeing Fidel. 

As soon as we get there he wants is to lift his bed to sitting position. He bearly talks due to an aneurysm and he is not mobile. I honestly don't think his teeth have been brushed in a long time and I will be honest, the smell there is horrible. Again, all worth it! 

He always has a smile on his face and his request is always the same; to sing worship songs. He just melts my heart! 

Then we went back on the road to the village on the out squirts of Tecate and I was in shock to see so many people. My friend Glenda counted 82 buckets! 

Everyone got busy, sorting and putting food in the buckets. By the end of the evening we passed out over 100 new toys, and 85 buckets of food ( we made extra just in case). 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hole-e shoes

I will admit that guilt is a big part of who I am...I'm working on it. Ok ok so I'm not a big shoe person. I have like 4 pairs of shoes and to be honest, I usually wear just 2 pairs. I'm all about comfort not style. Well, that and I don't really know how to walk in heels. Almost 2 years ago I had a really bad accident that involved stairs, my toys from work and twisted ankles. It was really bad! When I got up from the floor I walked to my car, I noticed I was not able to hyper extend my ankles(I was walking like a penguin). When I finally got in my car I felt such a relief and as I started to drive I felt like I was going to pass out because I had to extend my ankles to push the pedals. I had to make a stop at a local gas station and I called my family to come and pick me up because I was not able to drive anymore. My older brother is an athletic trainer at Fullerton community college and he was able to assess my injury and encouraged me to go to the emergency to get checked. It turned out I had really bad sprained ankles. It was difficult to put on tennis shoes and my work shoes did not fit so I had to buy new shoes that would fit and support my super swollen feet. The shoes I got were the best fit and I truly love the shoes. However, they were pretty pricey. For the past several months I have been on a very strict budget because I'm trying to move to Guatemala. It turns out that my wonderful shoes now have holes on each side and I decided to invest a little bit of money and buy some shoes for work. I got these cute sketchers and I wore them for 2 days and I returned them. I felt so guilty spending money on shoes knowing that there are so many people without shoes. That was sometime in September. It's December and the holes in my shoes were become more noticeable. I recently invested a little bit of money to get antennas for our television and my dad decided he wanted to get cable instead. I went back to get my money back from the electronic store and decided to get new shoes. I will be honest, they are still in the box. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving in Tecate, Mexico

Saturday we went to Tecate, Mexico to do the usual once a month visit to the orphanages and the village. I will say that it was a special treat because at the girl's orphanage they prepared a special day for us and other volunteers. The girls sang a few songs and then they served us a meal. It was a special trip for me because a friend of mine and her husband joined us. Elaine has been with us before, possibly 10 years ago. She is now married and brought her husband with her. While we were sitting at the table waiting to be served our delicious food, I made a comment how it was a little weird that they are serving us when we are the ones supposed to be serving them. Our minister then shared that it is a blessing to serve others and now they are the onces being blessed for serving. WOW, that was very beautifully said.    

Click HERE to see the video that was made of the trip. 

I might be sounding redundant, but I really miss the girls and the kids in Guatemala. I was sent a he out picture and my heart leaped for joy and I started to remember a lot of the special memories with some of them. The group is getting bigger and they are almost to their full capacity. 

My heart is excited to see them once again and meet the new kids. Soon soon soon!!!