Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving in Tecate, Mexico

Saturday we went to Tecate, Mexico to do the usual once a month visit to the orphanages and the village. I will say that it was a special treat because at the girl's orphanage they prepared a special day for us and other volunteers. The girls sang a few songs and then they served us a meal. It was a special trip for me because a friend of mine and her husband joined us. Elaine has been with us before, possibly 10 years ago. She is now married and brought her husband with her. While we were sitting at the table waiting to be served our delicious food, I made a comment how it was a little weird that they are serving us when we are the ones supposed to be serving them. Our minister then shared that it is a blessing to serve others and now they are the onces being blessed for serving. WOW, that was very beautifully said.    

Click HERE to see the video that was made of the trip. 

I might be sounding redundant, but I really miss the girls and the kids in Guatemala. I was sent a he out picture and my heart leaped for joy and I started to remember a lot of the special memories with some of them. The group is getting bigger and they are almost to their full capacity. 

My heart is excited to see them once again and meet the new kids. Soon soon soon!!!