Saturday, November 30, 2013

Motherly Love

A child has been born! This week one of the teenagers at the group home in Guatemala have birth to a healthy baby girl. This is the second child of a thirteen year old. Yes, you read correctly, 13 years old! 

Let me share with you something that was on the Latin news this week. A young girl in Guatemala was abused by her step father and got her pregnant. After giving birth, this young girl killed her baby. My heart sank after hearing the news. This young girl took out her rage against her step father on this angel. What desperation, what sadness, what anger, what confusion. Who is the victim? 

Now here we are with a 13 year old girl who has given birth to a child, and guess what? The father is her step father. What's the difference? This teenager is safe, has a home, a new family. I am so grateful for the work that Lilly is doing with these girls at the group home. She is showing them love, compassion, and a new way of thinking. The new born child will have a future because the teen has been given love throughout we pregnancy in a new home. 

How I pray that I can be there already. I want to hold this baby and rock her in my arms. I want to share all that I have learned about development in my career and share the knowledge with them. 

I bought my ticket to Guatemala this week. I will be there for only 10 days in February. How I wish it was a one way ticket, but for now I will be thankful to have the opportunity to serve at the medical mission and stay a short week at the group home and love these kids. Eeeekkkkkkk I can't wait!!!!! 

(Me and Lilly)