Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Apple Tree has moved.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there's so much to be thankful for.

We are in the middle of moving where I work (for more info of Apple Tree click here). This is such an answered prayer because we were in desperate need of a space that we can call home. You see, we were sharing space with other people and it was torture trying to move everything at the end of the workweek, then have to set everything up Tuesday mornings. For the past year I have not had to help out since we hired someone to help. We are hoping to be able to open Mondays which means that children will be able to receive additional hours of therapy. I will also be able to treat more children for individual speech therapy. My boss has been working since last week getting the place ready and we started this week moving things into our rooms and organizing. I will say that moving is not the funnest part of my week. However, I was given toys and book as a donation to the village that we will be going to this upcoming Saturday (Click here for more info to the Tecate trips).  My room is coming out very nice. I ended up with the theme of forest/wilderness/backyard. I have giant leaves on each corner of the room and I think my boss has this big tree decal for my wall. We shall see how long that will last.  

The new Apple Tree 

I will be honest, not a lot of money has been made this season for jewelry sales. I was feeling super bummed because I have had to invest money to be part of the events and sometimes I don't even make back what I have invested. I was feeling super sorry for myself that I wanted to cry (I'm a big cry baby), but I can hear His voice, telling me that it's not what I will do, it's what He will do. All of this is for Him. I am thankful for that voice because it brings me back to the things that are truly important (jewelry posts: Here. Here, Here).