Friday, April 26, 2013

Round trip ticket to Guatemala.

I finally paid for my ticket to Guatemala. I was really nervous and excited to finally make it legitimate. I will be flying out on the 27th of July and coming back September 2nd. I don't know what to expect or what exactly I will be doing. All I know is that I will be there to serve.

I read a scripture today that I read a few weeks back. It's Matthew 25:31-(the end of the chapter). One things that Katie from the book "Kisses From Katie" talks about is how serving the poor is something that God demands of us. It's not just something that we should occasionally do, but it should be a lifestyle. I think living in wealthy Orange County it's sometimes hard to comprehend what true poverty looks like. I was asked to share about the medical mission for church this upcoming Sunday and for a quick second I started to feel a little nervous. My prayer is that I can inspire at least one more person to serve or to give financially to the cause. I have been practicing on what I am going to say, I pray that the Spirit of God moves my lips and shares what's on His heart.

I, once again, looked at my debt that I need to pay and I can get a little overwhelmed by how much I need to pay, but I know it will be worth it being free from loans and live the life that God has set forth for me to live. I want to live in the center of His will.