Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yard sales are no joke!

Well, what can I say? The yard sale went well. I was hoping to see more people donate because of the cause. Instead there were many who were trying to bargain. They wanted to pay 50 cents instead of a dollar. I guess I'm not used to having yard sales. On a good note, we did a little over $250 so we are getting there!
I have come to realize that I dislike hosting a yard sale. It's a lot if work! Setting up, talking, talking, talking (ok I'm good at the talking part) and cleaning up. I'm super thankful for my mom because she did a lot for me. She set up some stuff on Friday and on Saturday afternoon she helped clean up. She is such a trooper. My friend Iris came to help me set up Saturday morning and someone who is following me on Instagram, Lillian, wanted to come and help me out. Both came at 7am and leafy about 10. I thank God for people who give of their time to help others. 
I sold this bike for $30. I should have not given in and waited, but it had to go. The tired were flat and as you can see there's  no seat. 

I ended the evening with a a few friends at a concert in Irvine, Fishfest. Third Day, Audio Adrenalin, Phil Wickham, and Casting Crowns were a some of the artists who played. My friend Alfredo gave me a ticket :) it was my first Christian concert an I had a blast! 

There was this one woman, +Kristen who spoke about her experience with adoption on Haiti. All I could think about was little Diego. I miss that little guy! Kristen talked about having a focus and I smiled thinking that my focus is getting to Guatemala and living at the Hogar. The money that I am fundraising is going back to the Hogar, but I need to start brainstorming as to how I will be fundraising for myself to financially support myself so I can move out there. I need guidance and support. As for now, I will keep praying and spreading the word.