Thursday, September 19, 2013


I have been back now for two and a half weeks and I think I'm back to my normal self, BUT different. I have this desire to break through my insecurity and move forward in fundraising. 
This past Sunday I had the opportunity to sell my jewelry at church and I was able to add more money to my savings. I was talking to a friend and she gave me a great idea to be able to put money into my savings. Jewelry sales will go directly into my savings and other form of fundraising will go towards what I need to pay off. I'm not sure how everything is going to play out in terms of how I will get paid or what kind of job I need to look for once I'm there but I want to be able to have some money in my savings just in case it takes me a while to find a job. I get really excited knowing that the time is near but I don't know the exact date of my move. I keep having dreams that I'm already there and a wake up feeling super excited. I was feeling a little discouraged on Sunday after a little conversation that I had regarding fundraising and people not wanting to really help. I got in contact with someone whom has known about the desire of my heart to move to Guatemala from the start. I asked of he could pray for me. He finally emailed me back and he was so encouraging and he congratulated me on paying everything off and on my move and yet it hasn't happened. He was being so faithful as if it had already happened. It have me so much faith and I will never forget, he said "I want to be the first one to congratulate you on your move." I felt so excited as if I was leaving tomorrow. He filled me up with what I needed; Faith. 

I'm excited to announce that on 26 October my friends and I are having an 80's costume party. We are charging $10 at the door and it will be potluck. I'm beyond excited because they were able to get a DJ to play at the fundraiser though it's going to cost a little bit of money for him to play at the fundraiser but I'm sure it will be worth. I feel so humbled and honored to have my friends help me reach my goal. There's nothing like having people support your dream and walk with you through this journey. Words can't even explain how thankful I am.