Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jewelry and more jewelry

I have been quite occupied making jewelry when I have some down time. I make a piece and ask, "Will it sell?" I have been a little stressed with having enough inventory and how in the world will I make this move to Guatemala possible that I have been having nightmares! Goodness! I worry about my family, though I know that God will take care of them. This is BIG for me because I am a home body...well, sort of. I spend a lot of time out of my home, but always near family. I will not allow fear to be in the middle of the dream that God has for my life. Indefinitely don't want to live my life always thinking "what if..."

Ok so these are some of the pieces I have currently made. Some are up on the website, while others were special orders. It's always exciting to show the pieces :)