Monday, January 13, 2014

Serving others

"In recounting your own times of need, be spurred to help others. Bestow upon someone else an act of kindness that could bless their day. The Lords favor is upon you to bring good news to the poor!"

The past couple of days I have been reading a devotional on the Bible app. This morning it sparked a memory from my childhood and would like to share it with you. 

My mom's side of the family live in a village in Michoacan, Mexico. It's a beautiful simple life filled with cattle, pigs, chickens, dirt roads and a beautiful view of the small towns below the mountain. My grandfather obtained a small piece of land and my uncles build their homes within that lot. I love going there because my family are all neighbors. Some of my family work in the strawberry fields down the road, one of my uncles is a musician so him and his buddies play wherever that can. 

When I was little I remember going and visiting my family. Someone had come back from the U.S. With a huge bag of clothes. I remember people gathering around the bag looking for something for them or their family. I was sitting on a chair observing it and not really understanding what exactly was happening. Later my aunt took out 2 shirts and handed them to me.  I felt so special and I loved my shirts. I think I wore those shirts all through elementary. 

When I go to Tecate and to Tijuana I feel like it's a complete circle for me because I'm returning the love that people gave to my family. I will say, I'm not perfect or have perfected the act of giving, however, I learn so much about myself when I'm there. 

Here are a few pictures of my last trip to Michoacan in 2012