Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Serving on Martin Luther King

I completely forgot that I never gave an update on our day of service. In Orange County we had several locations where we were given the opportunity to serve. I served at a local food bank who gives food to children who are homeless. Some live in shelters and other in hotels or living with other families in a home. There were several of us volunteering and children were welcomed. It was so cute to see these kids putting food in the bags and sorting the canned food. There's something about seeing the kids being taught at such a young age the importance of serving others.

Some have been asking when the next trip to Tecate will be. Well, mark your calendars because I just got word that it will be February 15th. I do not know the specifics yet, but what we normally do is visit the village, fill up buckets of food and then head on over to either see the boys or the girls at the orphanage. let me know if you would like to attend and or donate food.

Another thing that I am super excited to announce is that in 2 weeks a few of us will be heading to Guatemala to serve at a medical mission with Hope Woldwide. We typically see over 400 patients in 3 days and after it's all over I will be heading over to the orphanage to stay the week. My heart is anxious to see the kids and the teenagers. woot woot!!! +Lorena Ventura will be joining me once again on this trip. So stay tune for updates on yet another adventure.