Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guatemala, Love and frienship

It's 6:30 in the morning and I woke up to the beautiful voices of the children here at the orphanage. I must say that my heart is full and I keep having to remind myself to be in the moment and not think that in just a few days I will be going home.

The journey started on Thursday morning as we arrived at the Aurora airport in the city of Guatemala. I must say that though we were exhausted from the overnight flight, but we were ready to meet up with the rest of the volunteers who would also be serving at the brigade. That evening we had a short meeting to prepare our thoughts and hearts to serve.

Friday we went to the church building and as we started to set up the children from the Colegio Hope (Hope school) started to arrive. It was so special to see so many of the children whom we have serviced year after year. One of the girls her name is Andrea right away said, "sing me the song" I knew exactly what she was talking about so I started to sing, "Ana Ana bonana fee fi fofana Ana" she kept giggling and saying "Again" I think I sang the song 5 times.

That night I was asked to accompany my friend Gelion to a dinner where some of the members of the church were hosting a dinner of day of friendship and love. After the brigade we rushed back to the hotel and got ready for the special occasion. As I arrived there were about 50 people there waiting to encourage one another. The main person heading up the event said that the guys would be taking the ladies to a location where the event would be initiating, but the ladies had to close their eyes as they walked. So I closed my eyes and Gelion led me to a location withing the same restaurant. After walking past a doorway he let go of my hand and then I felt someones hands on my shoulders leading me to a chair. The light turned on and I heard a voice that said to open my eyes. It was my best friend Estuardo Rodriguez. He was dressed in a suit looking good and the small room was decorated with balloons, rose pedals on the floor shaped in a heart with candles, a table between our chairs with a beautiful display of his fruit art that he carved into a flower. He was holding a bouquet of flowers in his arms. He said "hello" I felt like I was going to melt because I knew exactly why I was there. He gave me the flowers and started to say how much he appreciated my friendship. He probably talked for 5 minutes. It could have been less or more, but I was so engulfed in the moment that time did not exists. Then he asked a very important question, "Will you be my girlfriend?" I said yes and we hugged and giggled. When we opened the door holding hands and everyone was by the door cheering and taking pictures. My heart was full. I would have never had imagined that two and a half years after accidentally meeting him that he would be someone so special in my life. He compliments me in so many ways and has a lot of strengths that I lack and we have a lot of things in common. I have been praying for so long to have a boyfriend like him; someone who loves God with all that he has and serves others.

The following days were so amazing serving at the medical mission. I have so many stoaries to tell and so many special moments that just filled my heart. I met a little old lady without teeth. Her name is Simona. She was so cute and she kept hugging me and telling me how thankful she was to have us there. I met her on Saturday and on Sunday she returned with her husband who has Parkinson's. She gave me a thank you card and a necklace. This little old lady thought of encouraging not just me, but the other volunteers who helped her along the day. It was so cute she even asked the doctor who treated her to give her her number because she wanted to call her. I thought it was so cute!

Monday we took all who where still at the hotel to the orphanages. We first visited the orphanage in San Lucas (Amor de Patricia), then to the orphanage where I will be living. I can't even explain how I felt coming here and having the children run to me and screaming "Tia Ana!" When the school aged children arrived from school they were so excited to see us. The children hugged us and jumped into our arms. It felt so good to hold them. At one point I had 3 in my arms screaming with excitement. They all changed their clothes and got ready to eat lunch. Lester (Chick HERE to read more about Lester) does not let go of me, he even asked me last night if I could sleep in his room with him. This morning at 6am he came into our room and with excitement said "Buenos dias" I really love this kid!

There is no doubt that I am meant to be here. I love being able to love these kids. I thank God for this opportunity and I am charged to go back home and continue to work hard and finish paying off my school loans so I can call Guatemala my home and have many children to call my own.