Friday, March 7, 2014

Good night stories.

One of my favorite memories at the Hogar was telling good night stories to the school-aged boys. It was such a special feeling that they remembered that I did that last summer am wanted it to happen again. 

I tell them Bible stories with a twist. Sometimes I changed names, add more to the story or dramatize it a lot more. I do this to catch their interest and talk about things to help them in their character. 

The first night I think I told 3 different stories because as soon as I was done with one they would say "OTRA!" They would interrupt half way to ask questions or wanting me to add a new character like a chicken! I smile just thinking of it! 

There are so many children who are in need of a good night story and I hope that I am able to be that storyteller that they have been needing. 

It breaks my heart leaving. I love my family and I know I will miss them, but these kids have no one. If I can be that additional person this home needs to give a little more love, then Amen! I have fears, but I will not allow them to get in the middle if the dreams that I know God has for my life.