Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hard workers

Mid March we took our monthly trip to Tecate, Mexico to serve at an orphanage and a village. I would like to share a little bit about the village from this past trip. 

There are about close to 30 families living next to the city dump and another 30 in the surrounding areas who come visit us when we arrive. A lot of them work at the dump to earn a living. The pay is not good, but at least it's something to contribute to their families. I don't think many of us have or will ever experience that level of poverty, but it's an eye opening and puts my complaints regarding my job to shame. 

I have this vivid memory of the first time I started helping in this community (there was a time that I stopped going due to working in Saturdays). I remember getting there and it was a warm day. We opened the windows to the shelter where we set up and there was a light breeze. It felt good to feel my skin cool down, but the smell was really bad. I started contemplating wether to close the windows and tough out the heat rather than smelling the wrotten trash coming from only feet away. Then I remembered that all the people outside waiting to pick up their bucket of food, smelled this everyday and they probably didn't notice it anymore.  It humbles me every time we go and it reminds me to continue to give back because it could have been be standing outside waiting for my bucket. 

These men left their work for a quick moment from the dump to pick up their bucket of food. 

This family were excited to find a Buble amongst the donations :)