Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jewelry for a US Navy mom

I would like to share with you something about a very special family member. I have a cousin, well he's the grandson of my dad's first cousin. Growing up we would call him "Edu" and I was hired, as a teenager to babysit him during the summer  when he was little. Who would of thought that the little kid who enjoyed Blues Clues would one day be a Sailor? He is a mechanical engineer on a naval base. 

My cousin Nina asked me if I could make her a charm bracelet with colors and charms representing her son. She sent me a picture of what she probably found on the internet and I went to work looking for similar charms. To make it worth the shipping, I got a little extra charms just in case someone else would like to buy one. Within minutes of me showing her the final product, she had other Navy moms asking where they could buy one. Within 24 hours I had sold a total of 3 more bracelets on my Etsy account. 

That's not all! I later got 2 more orders for a Marnie mom! It has been a very busy weekend making charm bracelets. My thumb hurts, but it has been worth it. 

I will say that the funds are for a good cause. Not only will I benefit from these sales to help me move to Guatemala, but children in third world countries will also benefit. This upcoming Easter weekend we will be going to Tecate, Mexico and a portion of the sales will go towards buying food and supplies for a nearby village we have been helping. Thank you again! For more information regarding the Etsy account look on the left of the page or on the main profile.