Saturday, June 14, 2014


In the group I'm apart of at church there's three of us girls. It's actually a small group compared to the rest of the groups. We have this beautiful bond that comes with having a group that size. 

There are things that we are all going through at the moment from fears, insecurities, mourning, and negativity. After briefly texting with one of them I knew that we needed to do something special so I prayed for guidance and I got an idea.

We met on Friday and I brought 4 balloons. We talked and shared about our struggles and cried a little. We all got some paper and I gave them the instruction to write it all down, all of the fears unsecurities, etc. we attached our notes to the balloons, prayed then we walked outside to release the balloons. It was quite liberating because it was as if I was letting all those things go. I have made a decision to allow myself to trust and be secure that it will all workout. I hope that my friends allow themselves to feel the same. 

I trulluly appreciate building memories like these. I keep thinking about how many more memories I will continue to build in Guatemala from holding babies, special times with the teen girls, dates with my boyfriend and quality time with my friends. In getting super excited!!!!