Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bye bye car

One thing that has been super difficult for me is the idea of selling my car. I have worked so hard to keep it. I had to come to grips with the idea of selling it because that was going to be the only way I will be able to finish paying off my school loans and leave by my goal date, August. 

The car was put on Craigslist 2 weeks ago and right away I got emails of people wanting more information. At first I told them that the car would not be available till August and one potential buyer was still wanting to see the car. We met and she liked what she saw, but needed to think about it. That day another woman came and looked at the car. By the looks of her car it was obvious that her car only had a few more miles before it would break apart. She loved my car, but wanted less than my asking price. 

I didn't lose hope. I kept praying and pleading with God to help me out a little. He kept telling me, "be patient". There was a point this week where I was starting to doubt a little and after praying I would still hear the same words. 

On Thursday I received several emails once again of potential buyers. I lined then up to come on Friday and the very first gal who showed up was Griselda. Super sweet lady. She didn't even test drive the car. She asked me how much and I told her. She said she liked it and wanted it. At that moment I was so excited and within seconds I realized that I would no longer have a car. My idependence would be gone...well sort of. 

We went to the bank, and that was it...the car was no longer mine. We came back to the house and she let me drive the car one last time. We took a picture and then she took the keys and got in the car. As I saw her drive away and turned the corner I have this urge to cry. Was this really happening???? Instead of instead of crying I decided to just gather my things taken out of the car and start to organize the things I am going to sell next weekend at the yard sale. Several times that evening I would think about going to my car and then realized I didn't have one anymore. This is something that I have been praying for and God came through because it was such an easy transaction and I was able to sell at the price I have been praying for.

 Every so often I just kept saying "thank you". Development did eventually shed some tears but it was tears of joy and sadness. Now that the car is paid off the remainder of the money went straight to pay a good chunk of my school loans. I definitely did not want the temptation of having that much money in my account. So here IM with now over $2000 left to pay off my school loans and getting ready to have a yard sale to downsize even more. 

I know that it's not easy for my family to come to the realization that I am moving out of the country, a country that is not my native country where I have no physical family. I definitely thank God for allowing me to have such great friends in Guatemala and I have complete faith and trust that I will be well taken care of. 

There's still a lot to get done and pay off and save up as well as fund raise but I have faith that everything will continue to fall into place just as it has been thus far.