Sunday, May 25, 2014

Help Needed

After a lot of prayer, advice and encouragement from others, I finally decided to ask for help. I have been working hard paying everything off and after talking to a man from Illinois who lived in Guatemala as a missionary, he informed me that my visa will only be good for 3 months. I will have the possibility of renewing it for another 3 months, but then I will have to leave the country. I though, "Road Trip!!!!" Then he told me that I could not go to El Salvador or Honduras, which are the closest countries. I would have I go to Belize or Mexico to renew my visa. All I could think of was another cost for me.

People have been wanting to help me out, but I wanted to wait until I was almost ready to go. With this new expense I figured, why not have the children also benefit from the generosity of the those who are able to help? There are 27 children who are currently living at the Hogar and for their birthdays something special is done. A cake is baked, a meal is prepared and a gift is given. The kids usually request a special meal to celebrate and I would love, with your help, be able to provide that special request. Sometimes all try want is chicken from a popular fast food restaurant called Pollo Campero. If you are from Central America you know exactly what I'm talking about.

A month ago the Hogar celebrated the quinseaƱera of one of the girls. She wore a beautiful pink dress, the Hogar was decorated in pink balloons, a cake was made and a party was given. How exciting for her. If she would to not be at the home, this would have never happened to her. She doesn't have family volunteering to take her back. All she has are the people who help and serve with all I their heart at the Hogar.

Click HERE to look at the donation page. I promise to make good use of it. Thank you so much in advance from the bottom of my heart.