Thursday, May 22, 2014


I have a special announcement to make. Are you ready???? Well, I finally bought my one way ticket to Guatemala. I will have to admit I was pretty nervous when I was looking for tickets, which is something that I have been doing for the past several months, but I finally was able to find a ticket within my budget. There was one specific airline and time that I was looking at, but it was always over $400. When I looked on Monday the ticket was $350. I couldn't let it pass me by so I decided to buy it and I will admit that when I was pressing the continue button to submit my payment got a little lightheaded. This made it a lot more real. It's so easy to talk about it and make plans, but there's nothing like having a flight booked. I can't imagine how I will be like a few weeks before it is time to leave. I have a lot to so these next 2 months: cleaning out my room, packing books and m journals and setting aside things I will be selling. August 11th is the big move date :)

The one thing that's helping me pay off the remainder of school loans is selling my car. I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla with 105,000 miles. I have worked really hard to have my car and it's a little crazy to think that within a couple months I will not own it anymore however it is also bringing me joy knowing that it will help me get to Guatemala. 

I keep having dreams that I'm already there with the children and one of my close friend  also mentioned that she  has also been having dreams about me being in Guatemala. I can't wait to to serve God in this way. 

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the conference that Hope Worldwide hosted here in California. I was not planning on going, but thanks to a very generous couple they paid for my registration fees so was able to attend for free. Being there was very insightful to  see the different things that are being done around the world to eleviate poverty and reach out to those in need. During the conference the different countries that were there being represented were selling things from that country to fundraise for their programs. I was given the opportunity to sell my jewelry and fundraise for Hope Guatemala. I donate a portion of my sales and it was great being able to share about the mission that God had put in my heart. 

One specific prayer that I have been praying is to be able to meet people who will prepare me for my move. I was destined to be there because I met a woman who started a Saturday program for the children of the families who have been displaced due to hurricane Sandy that happened in the east coast. The program is designed to help children who have gone through trauma and it helps them deal with the trauma through the arts. Something in me thought I should talk to this woman and later that day I was able to find her, introduced myself and let her know about the orphanage where I will be living. I had asked if there was anyway I can get training to be able to present this idea to the board and she said that she would be more than willing to email me all the information that she had. I can't wait to read more about it and see how this can help the kids in Guatemala. To be continued...