Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I love being Mexican and having such a wonderful culture. In Latin America Mother's Day is celebrated on the 10th of May no matter what day it lands. Latin mother's are quite lucky if they are living in United States since they get to celebrate it both days.

I only have 1 grandparent left. She is my dad's mom, Maria Teresa Valencia. She is a feisty woman and has lived through so much hardship. Her father dies when she was 9 years old and was sent to live with her aunt so that her mother can find employment. At the age of 15 her mother died. She had older sibling and she lived with them. Her older brothers were very protective of her and would not allow her to be seen in public with guy friends. Well, this was also part of the culture in her days. In her early 20's she met my grandfather and they married. She had a total of 10 children and 2 of them died very young, one at 40 days and another at 7 years of age. This was something that has devastated her till this day. My grandfather died about 20 years ago and she never remarried. She now lives part time with us (mainly my uncle) and the other time in Mexico with her daughters.

My mom had a wonderful time. Not only did she not have to cook, but we were able to celebrate with a Mariachi band. 

This is a group who plays several instruments and sings Mexican songs. It was so great to see my family at the house singing along. My dad, who loves to sing, had courage to sing a few songs with the Mariachi. I recorded my dad singing "El Rey:"