Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bus Ride

This past weekend was filled with a lot of fun and excitement because I went to 4 different parties; 2 birthdays, a wedding and a quinceanera.  I had a great time, but I was eager to get back to see the children. I was planning on being back by Monday afternoon, but I was able to find a ride back home on Sunday :) the children and teens were excited to see me a day earlier than expected.

One very exciting thing that happened was being able to ride on a bus. It's supposedly a safer bus called transurbano. These buses started to appear in 2010. They are considered safer because they have built in GPS so it can be tracked, some have cameras and all of the walls have a panic button for emergencies which will contact the police. I was with other friends from church and when I got on there was a turning rail, sort of like the ones at Disneyland (the ones that turn to count how many people have gotten on a ride). There were no seats available so I stood holding on to a rail in the middle of the bus and my friend started laughing saying that it was obvious that it was my first time because of how tight I was holding on. I will admit that there was a moment when I got a little scared. A young man got on the bus and I got the creeps. You see, many people have told me that they have been assaulted on a bus. There has even been stories of people being killed because they would not hand over their wallet or cell phones. Obviously nothing happened and I am safe. I do not think that I am ready to get on a bus by myself, but I'm glad I was able to finally get on one.