Monday, August 19, 2013

Medical Brigade, Guatemala

It was such a great weekend being able to serve at the medical brigade. It all started with a meeting on Thursday evening to welcome all of the volunteers. There were general doctors, OB-GYN, pediatricians, dentists and nurses. It was so great being able to see the group as well as Daniel Roditi who is one of the ministers where I live. Friday we seviced the children at a nearby school. There are about 200 students from kindergarden to sixth grade. The school was opened by the same organization as the medical brigade, Hope WorldWide. The Guatemala chapter. It was so great being able to see the faces of some of these kids. Saturday is when I invite the children from the orphanage who are sick to come so they could be seen by the doctor. I woke up a little sad to think that Diego would not be there. I had to pray and journal regarding my emeotions and allow God to transform them to joy. My heart felt heavy, but once I got there and started to serve, I felt more at ease. Sunday was our last day and we saw mostly members from the church.
I don't have the stats of how many people we saw this past weekend, but I'm sure it was probably 200+ a day. 
One of the moments that impacted me the most was on Sunday. A grandfather came with his two grandchildren. He seemed very down and when it was his turn to give us his symptoms it was very evident that he was very worried and depressed. I asked him what was it that was worrying him and he replied that six of his siblings had died and his 91-year-old mother is now deaf and blind and does not get out of bed. This man obviously has had a tough life. As he was getting up to leave to get vitamins and Abendizol for anti-parasite I went to him and told him to go to God in prayer so that he can get strength from God. I also told him to have courage because God is with him through this tough times. I gave him a hug and I felt a warmth inside of me and it was as if God's love was in the center of our hug. It was a beautiful a moment. 

Here are some pictures of the past 3 days