Monday, August 5, 2013

New child at the orphanage; the journey continues

The journey so far has been incredible. Today I witnessed how a child was dropped off almost at 9pm We had just sat down to have some dinner when we heard a knock at the front gate. They brought a little guy in their arms as he had fallen asleep on the way to the Hogar. The people who brought them mentioned that the little guy had fallen asleep after he had been crying, wanting to go home with his parents. His clothes were changed into comfortable pj's then taken to a bed. He is only 4 or 5 years old and he is so beautiful! One thing that I appreciate about Lilly, the director, is that she makes sure that there's always coffee. The people who brought the boy usually work only until 4pm and they said that they sometimes will work till 1-2 am depending if there's a rescue and a little boy needs a home. They were given their cup of coffee and some bread. They love this Hogar because it's clean and the kids are well taken care of. I told them that it's because of the nannies and the great guidance of Lilly. I am looking forward to getting to know the little guy and show him love. I'm pretty sure he will be scared, but there's nothing better than to love him and show him the love of Christ. We had the opportunity to pray for him after the social workers left the hogar. It was so neat to have all of the nannies there around the table and pray for this beautiful soul. That was such a special moment.

Today Lorena and I went to the market to have some breakfast. We had a good time walking by ourselves, taking pictures of the beautiful town of San Lucas. We went a different way thinking it was closer, but we were...wrong. I think God wanted us to go that way because He wanted to show us something. As we were walking we saw a man laying on the side of the road. My heart started to beat a little faster and all that kept running in my head was "compassion". What happened next will be a something that will stay in my heart.

 Tonight I was finally able to connect with my parents. It felt so good to see them and show them around the Hogar. The kids were having dinner so they were really busy filling up they tummies. There was something with the sound, so I was not able to hear them talk. This made me a little sad because I really wanted to hear their voices. Towards the end I was able to read my dad's lips saying "I love you." This is one thing that I would have to put on my list of things to consider if I decide to move to Guatemala to help with different organizations. 


Here is a video I was able to put together for little Diego. I hope you enjoy it

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