Saturday, August 10, 2013

My journey...His journey

"My Journey" This makes me laugh a little because is it really my Journey? I feel as if God is saying, "This is my journey for you." He has definitely showed Himself to me through many people I have met and served along with as well in the hearts of these little kids.

Along this path I have encountered so many beautiful people and have witnessed their distressed. There are so many people who have suffered so much and yet give so much of themselves to serve and give love. Last week one of the workers from the Hogar, Rosa, her father died. I think he fell and had severe injuries. Today we found out that one of the other nannies, Liliana (Lesbia), her mother died. Three days ago she had asked for us to pray for her mother because she was ill. My heart felt so sad thinking, "what if that was my mother?" My prayer is that I am able to love her the way Christ loved the sister's of Lazarus.

We leave the Hogar on Saturdays to stay in the city and go to church Sunday morning. Last Saturday I was talking to one of the weekend nannies and she expressed her heart to me and shared some deep rooted things regarding her life. I was taken back at her trust to share with me the depth of her heart and I had just met her. I gave her "homework" First I asked her to pray for the situations that she had shared with me and make a list of things that are positive and blessings in her life. I saw her again today and she shared with me that as soon as she went back home that Monday, situations started to change. I got so excited for her and told her that God has heard our pleas. I told her to continue with her list :)

Please keep these ladies in your prayers so that God, who is a God of all comfort will comfort them during this time (1 Corinthians 1).