Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Journey with a Friend. The love for the children

It's Wednesday night and I feel tired, but uplifted by the journey so far. I love seeing the kids and how they have slowly, but surely, warmed up to us. I would like to share a little bit about my friend Lorena. She has accompanied me on this Journey to Guatemala. I was super excited when she expressed interest in coming with me, but it was even more exciting when she finally bought her ticket. We stay up late almost every night talking about the day. I feel so blessed to share this experience with someone.

Lorena has made a little Friend at the Hogar. Her name is Larissa and she started calling Lorena "mama" We all thought it was a little funny, but later we found out that Lorena looks a lot like Larissa's mom. We keep reminding Larissa that Lorena is "Tia Lolo" and not "mama" She follows Lorena EVERYWHERE! I was observing Lorena the first full day we were here and it reminded me of something very special; that's how God wants us to be like. Always with Him. 

I am going to miss her very much when she leaves in a few weeks and I will have to make an extra effort to stay connected. One thing that I have enjoyed is staying up late talking about our day and telling our life stories. I don't like being by myself so I'm going to have to convince one of the workers to stay with me or better yet, stay with the kids in their room :)