Monday, July 8, 2013

Bracelets and much more!

The next three weeks are going to be super busy. Today was spent working then making jewelry. It was 5 hours of it! I have family visiting and one of my little cousins was helping me out, then a coworker came over with 2 of her friends to help. I was able to get 20 bracelets done as well as two necklaces. That is definitely more than what I can do by myself in 5 hours. This upcoming Sunday I will be having 2 jewelry parties and I'm super excited to be able to spread the news of the mission to a new group of people. The following weekend I will be selling jewelry at a girls night out for a church event. There will be other vendors there and it will be an opportunity to network. Making jewelry is definitely something that I love to do. It relaxes me and it gets the creativity juice running. I have $500 left to fundraise but I have faith that I will be able to surpass my goal. We are also sending a large box of diapers which we are hoping to have people donate dipers to send. so far we hace 2 large Costco size boxes to send. 
I have been able to witness how God has opened floodgates in the past and even now. I strongly believe that for the sake of spreading the news it will continue to impact others or hopefully encourage others to do more for those in need. Living in fancy Orange County can definitely put a layer of fakeness and we can forget that there is so much need out there in the world.