Monday, July 29, 2013

Orphanage day 2

The weekend has been amazing thus far! Saturday afternoon we arrived at the airport and we were greeted by 2 beautiful women from the church in Guatemala. 

Betzy is to the left and Karla to the right. We stayed with Betzy Saturday night and went to church with her Sunday morning. On the way to service she got a flat tire :( a taxi driver stopped and helped her put on the tire. 5 months ago people donated money to buy her new tires and the front tire now has a huge hole in it. Her life convicts me because at 72, she does not work, but he sells her inheritance of beautiful glass and crystal antiques to make ends meet as well as to  have money to give to church (tithe and special contribution). I reassured her to to worry about the tire because God will provide. Let's just say she got a new tire ;)

Sunday after church we came to the orphanage (Hogar) to drop off our things, play with the kids. 

This morning we woke up to kids screaming, crying, laughing ❤ we played with them, made breakfast and they are now playing outside. 

Here are more pictures of today's playtime with the kids.