Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Update #2 on Diego

My sweet little Diego is getting so big. He is such an independent feisty little guy. He's 18 months and he eats by himself! I have noticed that he loves a rocking horse. He rides that thing as if he is trying to go somewhere. He has to be reminded to slow down. He is walking, but I have noticed that his right knee turns inward due to the unnecessary surgery that was done on his knee when he was rescued. I was informed that he is still having problems with his stomach :( A lot of testing  has been done, but no true diagnosis. 

On the 15th of August he will be going home to his grandparents. I think it's phenomenal that he will be reunited with family. They are from a remote village which indicates that they are very poor. My heart is troubled by this fact. Will Diego be safe? Will he be taken care of? Will he  be able to see doctors and be provided medical health? I know that I am not in control, God is! I get sentimental just thinking of scenarios, but I need to remind myself if God's promises, Of His mercy, of His grace. He will not abandon Diego. His story is a miracle! He survived being thrown as a new born in a septic tank! The odds were against him, but God was there watching over him and here is, 18 months later. He won't let me hold him, but I'm hoping that he will meet me half way before he leaves and I can get a good picture of us together :)