Monday, July 22, 2013

Last fundraiser before departure

This past Saturday was the last opportunity I had to sell jewelry. There was a women's day at church and other vendors were invited to sell their product. Typically, I don't sell much when there's other vendors. 

Driving to the event, I will admit, I was feeling a little faithless. I prayed on my way there and asked God to allow me to sell at least $100 worth to pay for the bus that will take the children of the orphanage to the medical mission that will be held at the church building in Guatemala City. As soon as I walked in the door the first vendor was selling jewelry. It wasn't handmade jewelry, it was one of those catalogue type. Many women came to my table to look and I made sure to let them know where the funds were going. At the end of the night I counted the money and it was A LOT more that $100. I laughed because, once again, God wanted to show me that His plan is bigger and my thoughts are not His thoughts. My goal has been $1000 and throughout these 6 months there have been many donors and buyers. Therefore, the amount raised was double my goal :) WHOA! I went and bought vitamins, cough syrup and some Airborn tablets for the nannies. 

I still have a handful of things that I still need to complete before I start packing. I can't wait!!!! Sometimes the clock goes too fast and other times I feel like Friday night will not be here. EEEEKKKKKK I can't wait!!!!!